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Course à pied Couple
Running Man
Course en forêt

   From athletics to marathon; from trail to ultra-trail, I became interested very early in the pathologies and specificities of running.

I participated in the first class of the Clinique du coureur® in 2010 in France, then in 2013 and 2017 in order to better target my support for the runner.

However, it was thanks to my expert training at the Volodalen® movement laboratory that I was able to train myself in stride analysis and motor preferences.

In fact, motor preferences allow me to individualize your therapeutic management and your physical preparation.

The placement of your center of mass in posture, balance and movement;

how your muscle chains activate to propel you to the run;

the side of your anchor leg and your dynamic leg;

associated motor skills - dissociated, axial - radial, the side of your driving shoulder;

and others...

These are all concepts and parameters to identify in order to analyze your stride, understand your injuries in order to better treat them, take charge of and prevent them.

"Know thyself "

(Temple of Delphi)

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